Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohioans are struggling and scrambling. Many are wrestling with ways to pay their bills. For some, this means facing eviction. 

Recently, the House held a vote on the Emergency Housing Protections and Relief Act of 2020, which “appropriates $100 billion for emergency rental assistance programs and extends the CARES Act eviction and foreclosure moratorium through March 2021.” Troy Balderson voted against this bill. 

Once again, Troy Balderson turned his back on Ohioans when they needed him most. 

Alaina will not desert Ohioans. As a single mother fleeing an abusive relationship Alaina could not afford to pay rent for her family with a job that only paid $8 an hour, so she moved in with her mother temporarily until she got back on her feet. Alaina knows the struggles of raising a family as a single parent with a low income job and will fight for all families, such as those facing eviction. 

Alaina sees everything that we’ve worked so hard for on the line, as leaders in Washington continue to ignore our voices. We believes that, with your support, she will WINand can help move our country forward, faster.

Will you help to ensure Alaina goes to Washington so she can fight for Ohioans. Donate to send Alaina to Congress where she will fight tooth and nail for Ohioans, and will not turn her back on us. 

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