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During unprecedented times like these, we need unprecedented leadership to build a bridge that moves us forward, faster into the future, not the past. No matter your party, we are all Americans first. I’m ready to work for all Ohioans to bring Washington into the 21st century. Will you join me?

Why she is running…

After her award winning career as a radio journalist, Alaina Shearer became a single mom who against all odds built a small business and then a national movement for women in digital and tech.

Today, she is ready to join her neighbors to reclaim their power by flipping Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Her goal is to move forward, faster on issues hard working Ohioans can not afford to ignore. 

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Our team is here to keep you informed. Check our COVID-19 Resource page for district-wide community announcements. Stay safe, stay in and stay hopeful – we’ve got this because we’ve got each other. 

Alaina’s platform


Time to move forward, faster on issues we can’t afford to ignore. 

The actions, or more accurately – the inactions – in Washington D.C. affect everything the people of District 12 do every day.

As a result we are raising our kids into an uncertain future, we are growing businesses in an uncertain economy without a clear path forward and most families are facing staggering healthcare costs.


Alaina believes healthcare is a basic human right. She also believes Americans should always have choice, freedom, and independence in choosing a healthcare plan that works for them and their families. Alaina knows businesses need relief as they face, right along with their employees, the mounting costs of healthcare. She believes the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction, but there is much more work to do to truly make healthcare affordable in this country.

Economy & business growth

Alaina built her two businesses from the ground up. She understands that decisions in Washington can take a major toll on our community’s business, large and small. She will work for innovative solutions that help grow local businesses and provide quality, good-paying jobs through innovation, supporting trades, and standing up for aspiring and existing local business owners.

Family balance & paid leave

Happy, healthy families make for thriving businesses. As a business owner and a mother, Alaina is a fearless advocate for working Ohio families and small businesses. From flexible work hours and paid family leave  – a family’s rights are workers’ rights. But small business owners should not and cannot bear the entire cost of such initiatives. Alaina believes we have only just begun shaping the world for modern working families.

Equal Pay for Women & Minorities

American women earn .80 cents to every $1.00 a man earns. Women of color earn even less (African-American women, for instance, earn .61 cents per dollar). 

It’s time to end pay inequities in American based on gender, race or sexual orientation. Alaina is a passionate advocate for equal pay unlike her opponent who voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Opioid Crisis
Alaina’s Father was a physician who, before his death in 1999, predicted patients would become easily addicted to the narcotic painkillers now known as opioids. Today, the crisis here in District 12 must be addressed, not ignored.
Most immediately Alaina believes Congress should act to strictly regulate and enforce the proper prescription of opiates by physicians. Removing these drugs from the market should be priority #1, as opioids are commonly overprescribed. And secondly, the pharmaceutical companies absolutely must be held accountable and pay damages to the victims– Ohio communities and families affected by the dangerous and extremely addictive drugs they manufacture.

Ohio's 12th District Can Flip

Ohio’s 12th District can flip but it is critical that you fuel our campaign with any donation you can spare. This is a grassroots campaign and  we are taking on a far right machine powered by corporate PACs and special interests. 

The Latest News

A letter to my neighbors

To every one of us in Ohio’s 12th District today who are facing eviction, the cessation of unemployment checks, the threat of your electricity being turned off, losing your health insurance, hunger or pain: My heart is with you. And I can't begin to imagine your pain...

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There is no bottom is there, Troy?

This week, Ohio’s House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested by FBI agents after an investigation revealed Householder and others in the State House had participated in a $60 million dollar dark money scheme to get them elected. The entire atrocity was...

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Troy Balderson Just Turned His Back on Ohioans

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohioans are struggling and scrambling. Many are wrestling with ways to pay their bills. For some, this means facing eviction. Recently, the House held a vote on the Emergency Housing Protections and Relief Act of 2020,...

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On Leadership & Masks

When the lockdown began in March, my family and I hunkered down into full isolation realizing that we were buying our nation and Ohio a runway to get ahead of COVID. Our compliance was vital to the health of our neighbors and to a speedy and fast economic...

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