I don’t know what it’s like to actually march into a battle. Although my ancestors most definitely did. They lived in Philly and Maryland during the American Revolution. And my great-grandfather fought in WWI and my grandfather in WWII.

And so when studying history in college and every war our nation has faced, I’ve always wondered, “what would I do?”

Which side of history would I be on?

Now I know.

For me as a mom living in the suburbs of Ohio, this certainly isn’t a physical battle. But this, most certainly, is a battle between what is right and what is wrong. I’ve chosen to stand up and fight alongside each and every one of you with the only weapon we have – our vote.

Dismantling the efficacy of the USPS during a pandemic in order to sway an election’s outcome is wrong.
Silence is complicity and agreement with the party in power.

We can’t control the outcome in November, but we can control what we do today.

In OH-12, we have a once in a lifetime chance to flip a Congressional District and oust a sitting Congressman whose only stance has been silence and unbridled complicity.

Join me.

Let’s march toward November together and see our country and its democracy safely to the other side so we can move forward, faster.

Will you donate today? Every single dollar is the ammo we need to win this battle.