This week, Ohio’s House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested by FBI agents after an investigation revealed Householder and others in the State House had participated in a $60 million dollar dark money scheme to get them elected. The entire atrocity was orchestrated by First Energy and its lobbyists so that Householder and his buds would pass a $1.5 billion bail out for their nuclear power plants in Ohio. 

The whole thing makes my skin crawl. 

These guys are not only threatening the health of our planet, but they’re also threatening Ohio’s economic future. How can we move ahead and stay competitive if we are so far behind on fueling new energy resources?

Turns out, Congressman Troy Balderson has actually been in bed with First Energy since the start of his political career. Since Troy was first tapped by the Ohio Republican Good Ole Boy Network into his seat at the Ohio State House in 2009, he has accepted $37,500.00 in campaign funds from First Energy and First Energy lobbyists.

In fact, over the lifetime of his political career Troy has accepted over $500,000.00 from the energy and natural resources industry. Including, of course, during his time in the State Senate when Troy served as the Chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee until his term expired and he decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. 

First Energy then made good on all his efforts and kept pouring money into Balderson’s bank account. In fact, they have donated $7500.00 to his campaign this year — to fight us. 

Troy Balderson is as crooked as they come. 

In 2015, Balderson introduced Senate Bill 310, which rolled back regulations for Ohio utilities to meet renewable energy benchmarks. One of the top proponents of this bill? You guessed it. First Energy. By rolling back regulations First Energy very likely made good on their investment into Good Ole Boy Troy. 

Troy continues his assault on our planet while in Washington. 

Since being elected Troy has voted against the Climate Change Now Act, and most recently against the Moving Forward Act, which would have fueled innovative clean energy solutions within our nation’s highway, public transport and air traffic infrastructure. 

One thing is for certain. 

There is no bottom for Troy Balderson. 

He is a career politician who will stop at nothing to keep his job, to sell out the American people to corporations and to do so while working as little as possible. 

To win, we need to keep outraising him. 

There’s no doubt now that Balderson and the Republicans are on to us. Our race, which had been slipping under their radar, was recently knocked up a few notches when we made it onto the Cook Political Report and when Real Clear Politics nudged us one step closer to Toss Up. 

The Republicans have also been polling in the District and we are almost certain those polls will show us in a toss up race. But we cannot beat these massive corporate interests and take down one of the most crooked politicians in our country without your help. 

Will you help us fight the oil and gas lobby with a donation today? If every person reading this post donates $1.00 we can raise more than Troy Balderson has from First Energy this year. Donate here.

This is the fight of our lives on so many levels. Let’s show them what we’ve got.