You’ve heard it from us for months, but now Michael Tomasky has told the nation what our campaign already knows.

Ohio’s 12th District is flippableRead the Daily Beast article here.

The scoop and this news is entirely credited to our campaign manager, Hannah Riddle, who first discovered the fascinating and yes, very surprising trend line in our Ohio Primary. Thousands, no, tens of thousands, of new registered democrats requested Democratic ballots in Ohio’s primary. And of those new requests, about one third formerly voted as Republicans. 

The total number of new registered Democrats in OH-12 (on the low end of our estimation) is 29,800. Those are 29,800 votes we did not have in 2018 when Danny O’Connor lost to Troy Balderson by the slim margin of 1680 votes in the special election and 14,500 in the general. 

And the Democratic Party is predicting a voter turnout of 75-80% this year. So all signs point to a flip. Now is the time to ignore the pundits who have written Ohio off and follow your gut. Let’s take our country back, shall we?

On the federal level, the Republican party is in shambles, flubbing its response to the Coronavirus and quite literally tearing our democracy apart from the inside out. Something has to give, and there is a reason Ohio is the bellwether state. We vote with our values and we choose our country over our party.

As per his usual, Troy Balderson is toeing the MAGA line which means he will most certainly go down with the ship. This week he voted against more stimulus checks for Americans, extending small business protections, more funding and protection for frontline worker PPP, and renters and mortgage assistance.

By doing so, he voted against the advice of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and many other conservative economists who are all imploring Congress to act and quickly on more relief for the American people and businesses.

Perhaps the Heroes Act isn’t the perfect solution — so what is? 

Start negotiating. Get to work. Find a bipartisan solution. That’s why we elected you. With all due respect, Congressman Balderson, this isn’t about toughing it out and letting the strong survive, this is about riding out the storm together so we have the best odds of emerging with both feet on the ground in order to make a full economic recovery. 

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