Today we are in a state of war.

And all eyes are on our leaders. We need them more than ever for a multitude of reasons.

We need leaders who listen to scientists and physicians.

We need leaders who choose their country over their party.

We need leaders who will be watchdogs against tyranny and corruption buried under the headlines of a rising death toll and economic collapse. Did you catch Michael Flynn’s bailout yesterday?

Today, our Congressman, who sits on his Gerrymandered throne, continues to do what he’s always done – toeing the party line and doing the express bidding of the Trump Administration.

When you have no spine, you do as they say no matter who it hurts, no matter who pays the price. You do it because you’re told, and you do it so you can hopefully win your re-election. And in this case, the cost will be American lives.

Yes, staying home is terrifying.

Believe me, both of my businesses have been hit hard. And even though we are cutting every possible expense I look down the road four, five or six months and know with certainty that a second wave would be devastating.

This is a war and our divisions have never been more palpable.

I saw it myself when I went out for the first time last week to a big box retail store. After two months of staying in, after doing everything I can to save the two businesses I have built with love and care for the past ten years, after giving up everything to fight the virus, I was stunned to see at least half of the shoppers not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.
I respect personal freedoms above all else. But the choice to walk around without a mask will keep me and so many other customers from ever walking into that retail store again until proper safety precautions are in place.

That’s the effect of their choice.

We can agree to disagree, but today our disagreement is not only going to lead to a higher infection rate, but it will also lead to more economic calamity.

It doesn’t make logical sense to not practice social distancing and wear a mask. And I can’t think of anything more un-American. Above all, what is most stunning, is the fact that Congressman Troy Balderson has yet to advise people to wear a mask.

Right now our elected officials need to stand up and say, “Wear your mask. Sure, you don’t believe you can catch it or spread it – fine, but wear your mask to save our economy and get us out of this lockdown sooner.”

Where is Troy Balderson’s mask?

When is he going to stand up and make a statement?

When is he going to use his power for good?

When is he going to denounce President Trump’s reckless behavior that continues to put so many lives at risk?

To Hell with all of that, when is he going to denounce the President for corrupting our Justice Department?

Many of you often asked me while out campaigning, “What would be the first thing you would address on day one in Washington?”

It’s an excellent question, although incredibly tough to answer when there are so many fires at the moment. Clearly our nation’s response to COVID-19 and the economic recovery and continued public health response will be my first priority. There is no doubt that my first day in Washington will be a very busy one.

But always, above all other issues, as a former journalist, the issue that troubles me the most is the spread of misinformation to a populace who, in most cases, no longer have access to a trusted and thorough daily news source.

That is compounded by the fact that elected officials participate in spreading these lies or misinformation. Guys like Congressman Troy Balderson who are entrusted to share the truth, especially in times of crisis, are instead toeing the party line or choose to remain silent, which is the ultimate form of agreement.

Today, we are seeing how lethal the spread of misinformation and discreditation of our media can really be. The lives lost and the continued economic fall out will be on their hands, Troy Balderson’s included.

Stay healthy, stay home, and please wear your mask.

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