My opponent is fueling hatred and peddling division during a time when we all need to be on the same team. This time against Asian-Americans. 

I am often shocked by Congressman Balderson’s votes. Truly. They absolutely shock me. 

Especially those that are bent on oppression of women and minorities. But a vote he made just yesterday takes the cake and has me once again wondering in disbelief “how could he vote against that?”

Yesterday our soon to be unemployed Congressman voted against a Resolution that would ensure protections against Asian-Americans from the dramatic spike of hate crimes against them.

The Resolution provides examples of the horrific spike in anti-Asian violence since COVID hit including the attack of a woman at a New York City subway, two children and two adults stabbed at a grocery store in Texas, and a 16-year-old boy sent to the hospital in California after an attack by bullies. 

The Resolution also condemns the use of phrases like “Chinese Virus” or “Wuhan Virus” or “Kung Flu”. 

House Resolution 908 also:

  • Condemns all manifestations of expressions of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, anti-Asian sentiment, scapegoating, and ethnic or religious intolerance; 
  • Calls on Federal law enforcement officials, working with State and local officials— to expeditiously investigate and document all credible reports of hate crimes and incidents and threats against the Asian-American community in the United States. 
  • Recommits the United States leadership to build a more inclusive, diverse and tolerant society. Full resolution here.

Again, I ask … who votes against a resolution like this? 

Troy Balderson does. 

Balderson is telling us exactly who he is and with every vote he casts the picture becomes clearer. This man is one of the most conservative and far-right members of Congress who votes with Trump 95.6% of the time.

He is someone who does not want to grow, to change or to accept fault for any of his actions or, more accurately, inactions. He is someone who will always be looking backward, not forward. And he is definitely no leader. 

Asian-Americans make up a large and growing part of our Ohio District. There is no doubt in my mind many of them are reading this Resolution right now and for them, I can’t even imagine the gut punch to see that their Congressman voted against it. 

To them I say, please don’t let this discourage you. 

The men and women who voted for this bill are protected by Gerrymandered Districts and they do not reflect the feelings of a majority of Ohioans. In fact, they represent a minority. But thanks to a rigged system they are in positions of power. Soon, however, very soon, at least one of them will be out of a job. 

Hang in there, friends. 

We want you here, we welcome you here. We know this virus is not your fault. In fact, we know this virus’ rampant spread across our country is due to our own leaders failing us and by no means tied to you. 

You make our country more beautiful, more diverse and stronger simply because of your presence. Our home is now yours and I am proud to call you my sisters and brothers and my fellow Americans. 

To Troy, you astonish me, you embarrass me as a constituent, and in just a few short weeks we’ll be putting an end to your cowardice.