Autumn is here. The sunflowers are in full bloom, leaves are beginning to fall and we can feel a chill at night here in Ohio.

Typically in the Fall I, like most moms, are scrambling to do the kid’s back to school shopping so we can gratefully usher them off into a new school year. This year there will be none of that usual hustle and bustle. Instead, we are still at home with the seasons and the weather the only true marker of time passing as everything else seems to remain the same.

One thing that has certainly not changed is the clear and glaring lack of a plan by our Administration to aggressively contain COVID-19. And my opponent’s complicit silence to it all.

Our daughter has severe asthma and is extremely high risk. So for our family there will be no fall sports and no in person school. We worry every single day. What happens if she catches this? And what is most astonishing to me is her courage, strength and intense amount of patience through it all while the “adults” continue behaving like children.

As the founder of a tech start up and as a mom, I can tell you that ignoring a crisis is absolutely no way to handle one.

Instead, we need leaders who can face our nation’s challenges and meet this moment head on. I am that leader and I am ready for the task at hand. And, do you want to know the best part? Our children will be watching when we win.

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Let’s go flip Ohio’s 12th and show our children what democracy looks like.