Not the same as fatherhood.

Not yet…

In today’s America, women in heterosexual relationships actually bear the brunt of most housework, while also working jobs outside of the home. Before the pandemic, the average American woman reported performing 65% of the housework and child-rearing, while men reported taking on the other 35%.

The most startling take away from that, however, is that within those studies both parents reported that their share was “equal.” (Source)

Today, those inequities are no doubt coming to a head in households across the economic spectrum. In addition to cooking three meals a day now, there is the constant cycle of dishes, laundry and house cleaning. In our household, fortunately, Seth and the teenagers are taking on most of the meal prep and kitchen cleaning, and then I catch up with a deep clean and laundry every weekend.

It truly does take the entire family to run for Congress.

I am lucky, however, and this is not the typical circumstance.

Most of my mom friends are incredibly stressed right now as the inequities at home are now front and center while both parents are trying to work. And even my mom friends who are full-time stay at home moms (one of the hardest jobs on the planet), are finding they are feeling extra strain with their typical routines in shambles plus homeschooling.

Now, imagine all of that compounded by intense financial stress and one or two parents out of work?

This is why we are also keeping a very close eye on the rates of domestic violence reports. Next week, I will be interviewing Micaela Deming of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network on Facebook Live, but early reports we are seeing from other countries and cities show a domestic violence incident rate up 25%.

Dads, I love you.

I do.

My own father was the poster child for carrying his share of work at home. And that was way back when in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. So, I know you have it in you to pick up that extra slack to get your house to the 50/50 split if you’re not there yet.

My advice? Check in with your partners and make sure you are doing everything possible to carry your share of the household chores. Trust me, if my teenage boys can clean toilets and do the laundry – you can too!

Moms and Dads,

This week I wanted to share a few things that work for our family:

  1. Our Family Routine & Reward Chart. (Find this at the bottom of the page)

This works like magic!! Having a routine during this time is King. We implemented a routine for our four children this week after letting them run a bit wild for the first few weeks. Baked into our routine is exercise, one hour of quiet time, chores, lunch and kitchen clean up. And, of course, homework. Our chart is at the bottom of this post. Make it your own by choosing your own routine and reward. Our reward at night is 60 minutes of screen time (no screen time during the day) if they complete all of the day’s segmented activities.

  1. How to give the kids a trim.

This week I had a ton of fun on Facebook Live giving Foster a haircut with the help of my friend, Rebekah. She’s a stylist and small biz owner, and Mom who is facing the worst right now as they wait for their share of the PPP loan program. Watch the video here! It’s amazing and hopefully very helpful. Rebekah is offering virtual coloring and hair cut consultation services. Please find her here. Also, if you have a business that we can feature or help in any way – please email us and we’ll do our best to share.

  1. Give back. Mothers and Kids at Maryhaven Need us Now.

There’s nothing that can take your mind off of your own worries more than helping those who have an even shorter stick. This week I also interviewed Ryan Pickut, Director of Adult Residential Services at Maryhaven, which is Central Ohio’s largest Non-Profit Behavioral Healthcare Provider. We talked at length about the acute need of mothers who are going through their rehabilitation while isolated in small rooms with their little ones.

These moms are heroes right now and are trying to break the vicious cycle of addiction. When I am in Washington, I will be fighting to get opioids and fentanyl off of the streets and to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the devastation they have wrought on Ohio communities. But until then… the mothers at Maryhaven need us.

Here’s what the moms need.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Wii Games (they only have 5)
  • Adult coloring books
  • Books for themselves and the kids
  • Diapers
  • Sensitive Baby Formula
  • Notes of encouragement. Write them a letter or a note and cheer them on.

The entire list of Maryhaven’s need are here.

To find out where drop-off locations are, email super-volunteer Roseanne at or text her cell at 614-296-1666

I know we have so many of these materials at our house, and will be donating this weekend.

One thing is for sure: We all need to focus on our families right now, but moms and dads – you have to come first. Start with a family routine and let’s take it one day at a time.

If you do have anything left to give, please consider a donation to our campaign this week. Even a $5.00 recurring donation will help. Whatever you can give gets us one closer to having a place for all of us in Congress.

Our voices are crying to be heard, and I’m ready to deliver the message loud and clear.

Thank you, and stay healthy.

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