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Alaina’s platform promises to bring 21st century solutions to 21st century challenges. As a tech and digital leader, Alaina wants to move forward, faster on issues like affordable healthcare for all, a COVID economic recovery plan, new job creation, and equal rights for all Americans.


 “This district deserves a true representative- someone who is truly listening. It’s the least we can expect while faced with so many pressing issues affecting our families, our lives and our nation.” – Alaina Shearer 


One thing we can all agree on is that our nation’s healthcare system is broken. But dismantling the Affordable Care Act and starting over is not the solution. 

Our first priority must be stabilizing and restoring the Affordable Care Act in order to maintain coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and to ensure that everyone has the choice to be covered under a public option. 

Alaina also supports an income-based cap on healthcare expenses and the rapid expansion of Medicare and Medicaid.

Small Biz Growth & Jobs

COVID-19 is threatening the future of small businesses in Ohio’s 12th District. And in the meantime, corporate America is doing just fine while tech giants like Amazon continue to pay $0.00 in federal taxes.

There’s arguably nothing more American than our ability to build and grow small businesses because small businesses also fuel job growth. 

Alaina believes innovation is a must to rebuild our economy after COVID and wants to move us forward into new industries like digital, tech and green energy. 

Civil Liberties & Equality for All


 Alaina believes that discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion is unacceptable in housing, work, education, and everyday life. Her own grandmother escaped Hitler in Germany and made it to Ohio on the last refugee boat to America.  

Alaina also knows that individual biases and institutional racism have been a constant threat to the health, well being and livelihood of Americans of color for centuries. From day one Alaina will work for education, housing and criminal justice reform. 

Alaina supports the passage of the Equality Act to remove any question that members of the LGBTQ+ community are equal under the law. She also fully supports an Equal Rights Amendment 


Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction is a national crisis, especially in Ohio. Our state is second in the nation for opioid related overdose deaths. Our communities and families need support on this urgent, public health crisis. 

Alaina would fight for early prevention for at-risk communities, harm reduction for those addicted, and long-term care and rehabilitation programs. She also would support legislation prohibiting the distribution of opioids to patients unless it is being prescribed to medicate pain during a terminal illness.

Alaina also supports the legalization of marijuana. Medical Marijuana can take the place of prescribed opioids for many patients.

Climate Change 

Climate Change is happening and we need to face the problem, not run in the other direction.

The United States has the power to incentivize this shift on a global scale. Alaina fully supports re-entering the Paris Climate Accord and will do everything she can to reverse the deregulations her opponent has vehemently supported. 

She also supports green job creation to expand renewable energy revenues for the United States. 

Women’s Rights

After experiencing gender inequality over several jobs in several fields, Alaina began a national Women’s network to empower women.

Alaina is a passionate advocate for equal pay and for creating the structural change needed to tear down the barriers that keep women from achieving everything they can. Alaina fully supports a woman’s right to her body, her self and her future opportunities. 

Family Leave

Studies show that Paid Family Leave increases labor force participation and earnings over a lifetime. They also show that families who receive Paid Leave are 39% less likely to receive public assistance following the birth of a child. This saves taxpayer dollars and public resources in the long run.

Happy, healthy families make for thriving businesses. Alaina is a fearless advocate for working Ohio families and small businesses. She believes that businesses should not have to bear this financial burden alone and that a family’s rights are workers’ rights.

Collective Bargaining

Throughout American history, Labor Unions have accomplished what some politicians could not. Through collective bargaining, Labor Unions have improved working conditions, ended legal child labor, ensured that workers received retirement and healthcare, advocated for fair wages and elevated the middle class overall.

Alaina knows what a positive effect sharing resources and insight can have on a group of people because of her work building a nationwide women’s professional network for women in digital careers.

Alaina whole-heartedly supports the right to Collectively Bargain, and appreciates everything that Labor Unions have been able to accomplish in the United States.

Gun Safety

Alaina’s husband has a concealed-carry permit and owns guns for protection and recreational purposes. She believes owning firearms is a constitutional right for every American. However, Alaina lost her uncle to gun violence, and understands and supports the need for pre-emptive measures that keep guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others.

Alaina supports Universal Background Checks that close online sale and gun show loopholes, Red Flag Laws that allow family and friends to protect their loved ones, and increased access mental health services for all Ohioans

Family Planning

Alaina is pro-choice. She is also passionate about ensuring that every American has access to affordable contraception and comprehensive sex education, which have been proven to lower the need for abortion.

Alaina will work across the aisle with women from all backgrounds to create bipartisan legislation that will minimize the number of unplanned pregnancies. She will work to expand access to family planning services for families in rural and underserved areas, and to restore Title 10 funding that gives millions of Americans access to fundamental healthcare through organizations like Planned Parenthood. When women thrive, Ohio’s communities thrive.

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