Nearly 30% of newly registered voters in Ohio’s 12th District defected from the Republican party to cast their first ballot as Democrats. 

(DELAWARE, OHIO) – “This beautiful, complicated Ohio District is going to send a message to the entire country on November 3rd. And it is this – our values as Americans always come first, not our political party,” said Alaina Shearer after her primary win by a 17% margin over her opponent, Jenny Bell.

Shearer now goes head to head against freshman Congressman Troy Balderson, a conservative Republican who is especially vulnerable due to his low name ID in the district, his lack of effective digital campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his cavalier practice of largely ignoring constituent concerns while voting 96% of the time with President Donald Trump. 

The most stunning news of the night, and news that every political analyst in the nation should be watching, is the thousands of new voters who requested Democratic ballots in Ohio’s primary. According to County Boards of Elections, 30,000 voters in Ohio’s 12th District registered as Democrats for the first time and 8,798 of those requests were from voters who had previously voted as Republicans. This number spells trouble for Troy Balderson, who won OH-12 by only 1680 votes during a 2018 special election against moderate Democrat Danny O’Connor. 

“Ohioans are the bellwethers and this is the nation’s bellwether Congressional district,” Shearer says. “We need elected officials who would give life and limb for every day American families. What we’ve got right now is a Congressman who ignores us and ignores our voices.” 

This is Shearer’s first run for political office. Prior to late August of 2019 she had never before considered the idea. But that all changed when a member of her national women’s association for women in digital and tech suggested she throw her hat in the ring to flip Ohio’s 12th District.

“Like most women who choose to run, I had to be asked. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. Ultimately, when my kids asked me to do it, I couldn’t just walk away. There’s just too much at stake and I feel like this is my patriotic duty.” 

Shearer is a mom to four, a former journalist, a small business owner, and a native Ohioan. She also has extensive experience in the digital and tech field, which gives her a unique perspective Washington desperately needs to address the economic fall out of COVID-19. 

“Innovative solutions to job creation in new fields, like tech and digital, will be mandatory from day one,” said Shearer, “and my opponent can’t even manage his own social media accounts.” She’s also a working mom who wants to fight for America’s working families. Her platform calls for affordable family healthcare plans, paid family leave and early childhood education accessibility. 

“Our families and their children need us right now. They need elected officials to care more about their needs than their corporate special interests,” Shearer said.

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