Local business leader, community builder, and working mother running to bring voters together around more affordable healthcare, paid family leave, and jobs in Central Ohio

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP – Ohioan Alaina Shearer announced today that she will run as the Democratic contender in the 2020 race for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. 

“Today we’re facing the same issues we were two years ago. Our healthcare system is broken, our jobs are in jeopardy as the economy is leaving so many of us behind, and our children are still unsafe in their schools and our streets. To top it all off, we still don’t have a plan for paid family leave. These are just a few of the many issues that Washington has completely failed to address.”

Over the course of her life, Alaina has overcome an incredible amount of personal and professional trials. She’s emerged as a proven leader ready to take her experiences onto the campaign trail where voters who face many of the same obstacles will relate.  

After losing her father, a physician who practiced in Delaware, Ohio, during Alaina’s early childhood, to cancer in 1999, Alaina graduated from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in 2001. Many Central Ohio residents may remember her first post-college job as a reporter and news anchor for both 610 WTVN and the WNCI Morning Zoo. Several years later, as a single mother and during the Great Recession, Alaina started her own small business – a robust digital agency where she experienced firsthand the unequal opportunities for women in the workplace. This inspired her to launch “Together Digital,” a professional and social association to help women grow in their careers. Today, the association celebrates a network of nearly 2,000 members in over twenty cities nationwide. Building a national network of women from all political stripes has primed Shearer for her Congressional run.

“We are raising our kids in an uncertain future, we’re growing business and then being hit by surprise healthcare costs. My family pays $2,400 a month on insurance. Nothing in my life or my business ventures has ever come easy. I’ve fought for everything I’ve had, and I’m ready to fight for all of us in Ohio’s 12th District who have been left without a voice,” says Shearer. As a former reporter and digital marketer, Shearer sees a clear and present danger in how voters in her District are disseminating information. “We’re avoiding real conversations with our neighbors, but online we’re screaming and shouting. This isn’t who we are, and my goal is to bring us together around our common core challenges so we can begin to solve them.” 

Alaina will kick off her campaign in the coming weeks with a series of coffee shop conversations across the District where she will speak directly with voters on topics ranging from paid family leave to skyrocketing healthcare costs and rising income inequality. 

“I never thought I’d run for office, but as a business owner, if I saw a problem, I’d fix it. My goal is to connect with voters face to face and without our screens and social networks. We need each other right now, and we need to have constructive conversations to lay the groundwork for the campaign, and for the future we would like to see in the District.”

Alaina and her husband Seth are residents of Liberty Township in Delaware County, where they’re raising four children. Alaina is running for Congress to ensure her children, and all of Ohio’s children are able to have the opportunity to work hard and prosper.