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Alaina Shearer is a mom, a business owner, and a tech and digital leader. Above all she is an American who wants to heal her country’s divides and move forward, faster on the issues we can’t afford to ignore.

 “Today I am honored to have a chance to pay it forward to a country I love so much, that has given me so many chances in life. I pledge to build bridges between us rather than tear us apart.” – Alaina Shearer 

Born and raised in Delaware, Ohio, Alaina Shearer graduated from Ohio University with a degree in broadcast journalism. She went on to win two Associated Press awards as a radio reporter and news anchor for WTVN and WNCI. 

After fleeing an abusive relationship, becoming a single mom and nearly losing everything Alaina rebuilt her career by learning digital and tech. In the span of five years she climbed up from making $8.00 an hour to growing her small business to nearly $2 million per year in revenue. And in 2016, Alaina created a national network for women in digital and tech where she fought fearlessly for equal pay and opportunity. 

Today, she is ready to pay it forward and join her neighbors to reclaim their power by flipping Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.

Alaina was born in Delaware, Ohio where her father Dr. Raymond Shearer had a small family practice and where her mother, Valerie, had a retail shop on Sandusky Street. 

Alaina and her husband Seth, are raising four children, Lily, Benjamin, Cohen, and Foster on a farm house built in 1807 in Liberty Township in Delaware County. 


Alaina’s paternal grandmother, Anna Luise Friedburg, flees Germany on the S.S Washington, a Jewish refugee ship, fearing the worst when a military supported dictator named Adolf Hitler begins moving her beloved Germany toward war.

She joins her brother who is studying at the Ohio State University and it is in Columbus where she meets her future husband and Alaina’s grandfather, Ernest Shearer. When she is only 50, Anne Luise loses her life to cancer and suffers tremendously due to inadequate healthcare and treatment options. The event shapes Alaina’s father’s life and, in part, inspires him to become a physician.


Alaina’s maternal grandfather, Joseph Spak, the son of Polish immigrants, played baseball for the Yankee Farm System team during the war and he also joins the armed forces to fight in the Pacific during World War II.

He was also a lifelong Teamster in Cooke County, Illinois where he was a truck driver for Anheuser-Busch.


Alaina is born in Delaware, Ohio. Her father is a family physician who specializes in obstetrics and women’s health. Alaina’s mother helps her father with his practice and then opens a retail shop in Downtown Delaware called Essentials.

The couple, both self-made and self-funded without any family wealth raise Alaina on the beliefs that nothing comes without an incredible amount of work, that one should always care for their neighbor, and that you should always fight for what you believe in.


Alaina and her teammates at Athens High School start the first ever girls soccer team in Southeast Ohio and go on to an undefeated season. The team’s goalkeeper, Alaina had a shut out season. She had never played soccer before but fell in love with the sport and is a huge fan of soccer and women’s sports. 


In 1999, after losing her father to cancer, Alaina earns her Bachelor’s in Journalism from Ohio University. She graduates in 2001 and starts full-time as a reporter and news anchor for 610 WTVN and 97.9 WNCI.

In 2006, Alaina’s first son is born. Four months later, Alaina flees her first marriage due to emotional and physical abuse. Without a safety net (all of her savings had been depleted by paying for her unpaid maternity leave), Alaina moves in with her mother in Southeast Ohio and finds a job for $8.00/hour at her first radio station as a secretary.


As a single mother and without venture funding or family wealth, Alaina starts her own digital agency in 2009 at the start of the Great Recession. She goes on to defy defies the odds by becoming one of the 1.7% of women business owners who grows a business past $1 million in revenue.

Her business growth was not without its ups and downs. In those years Alaina met every challenge small and medium-sized business owners face: rising healthcare costs for employees, a competitive job market, and zero assistance from the government or any Amazon-like tax breaks. She’s now a fierce advocate for consumer and small business protection and she believes more needs to be done to protect small businesses and to fuel their growth.


Alaina meets her husband Seth in 2011 and they are married in 2012. Each is a single parent and together they have three children. In 2013 their son Foster is born. 

Having outgrown their home in Colonial Hills near Worthington, Alaina and the family move to an old farmhouse in Delaware County. The house is a constant work in progress as they are renovating the house themselves. 


In June of 2016, fed up with inequities faced by women in tech and digital fields, Alaina founded a group called Women in Digital. Now known as Together Digital, the group has grown nationwide with chapters from Columbus to San Antonio and Seattle. After only one year of membership 51% of members reported receiving a raise or promotion, others have negotiated paid family leave and over 80% of members report feeling more confident.

By leading this organization with over 200 volunteers and 2000 members, Alaina has proven herself capable of leading her diverse Congressional District. Our District needs a leader who will fight for what we believe in, not one who simply takes orders from the top. Alaina has always been and always will be a fighter who bucks the status quo to create change.

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