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In the news

In 2020, for the first time in 37 years Ohio's 12th can flip.

Here's why: 

  •  In the 2020 Primary Election, OH-12 saw nearly 30K new registered Democratic voters. Alaina's opponent, Troy Balderson won by only 1680 votes during the 2018 Special election and only 14,500 in the General. Combine our new voters with record voter turn out in November and we can easily flip the seat. Read the Daily Beast article for more.
  • Alaina's story resonates with District 12 residents. Because she's real. She's a true American who is running for Congress because she wants to see a more prosperous future for her children, her community and the hard working families in Ohio. This is why Alaina has support from both Republicans and Democrats. Alaina is an Ohioan first and foremost. And she'll always choose her country over her party.
  • Since 2018, we have picked up Democratic seats all over our District. From Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Worthington, Delaware, and even Powell, Ohio – Ohio is changing and the suburbs are telling that story with their local elections. 
  • Real Clear Politics and Niskensen both have OH-12 as one of the most likely Congressional Districts in the state to see a flip in 2020 and the Columbus Dispatch calls Troy Balderson "one of the most endangered incumbents in the state." 
  • In politics, money isn't everything. Since 2016 we have seen insurgent candidates like Alaina win with less in the bank than their opponents win. And while Alaina's opponent, freshman Congressman Troy Balderson, takes millions from corporations, Alaina is only accepting donations from individual donors. In spite of that Alaina out raised Balderson 3:1 in Q2 and took in 20x the individual contributions. 

About Alaina Shearer

After her award winning career as a radio journalist, Alaina Shearer became a single mom who against all odds built a small business and then a national movement for women in digital and tech. Today, she is ready to join her neighbors to reclaim their power by flipping Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Her goal is to move forward, faster on issues hard working Ohioans can not afford to ignore. 


This is a grassroots movement. 100% of our contributions come from individuals like you. Every dollar you donate allows us to reach one voter. Give whatever you can.

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