It seems we are all hanging on by a thread, just trying to make sure the country we know and love has a fighting chance to survive.

So many things are hanging in the balance and it is hard not to feel completely overwhelmed. 

Our health. 
Our economy. 
And now, our civil liberties.

As we battle multiple fronts as a nation, the President of the United States continues to lead without a plan and my opponent continues to obediently follow him. At all costs. 

It’s like watching a slow-moving train wreck. And guys like Troy Balderson and Donald Trump are going to drive us off of a cliff.

This morning, Troy sent an email chastising protestors for breaking windows in Downtown Columbus. Yes, clearly, we can all agree broken windows are not okay, but you cannot equate that to the murder of an innocent black man by a police officer hired to protect him from violence. In order to prevent more senseless deaths, elected officials like Troy need to act.

For centuries, years, months and now days – our country’s systemic racism has gone unanswered. We need solutions, we need peacemakers, we need bravery and courage to have tough conversations. But above all, we need action.

There are immediate steps, right now, that our legislators at the local, state and federal level can make to address violent crimes against communities of color. Here’s one example: a federal law banning chokeholds or strangleholds. We can also invest far more time during police training on the de-escalation of violence. We must do better and equip our officers with the tools and knowledge they need to protect and preserve life. And last but not least, we must try and convict police officers who kill unarmed black men, women and children to the fullest extent of the law. Period. End of story. 

This all must end now.

If you can give, here are just a few of the organizations that are working to support our communities of color: NAACPSouthern Poverty Law Center, and The Color of Change

In the end, on November 4th, we will all wake up and know we did everything we possibly could when history laid down her challenge. And Troy Balderson will not be counted in that tally. He is sitting this one out, so let’s throw him out. Donate.

Ready to flip this district?

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