OH-12 Congressional Candidate Alaina Shearer will appear on March Democratic Primary Ballot

Delaware Ohio native and Columbus business owner, Alaina Shearer, has been certified for the Democratic primary ballot, paving the way to defeat freshman Congressman Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville) in the 2020 general election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Shearer’s certification precedes a grassroots-driven 2019 Q4 campaign finance filing of $105,000, made up of over 450 individual donors. Balderson narrowly defeated democratic challenger, Danny O’Connor, in a 2018 special election in District 12 by only 1,680 votes.

“From healthcare to job creation, we are at a stalemate, and Congressman Balderson is standing directly and firmly in the way. His policy choices and voting record are evident of a representative with one, singular objective, and that is to please the corporate special interests funding his campaign, no matter where that may lead our people or our nation,” Shearer says.

This is the first time Shearer has sought public office. She feels compelled to do so given Balderson’s inaction toward the issues facing Ohio’s families, business owners and workers. Shearer believes that with the right leadership, we can heal divides, make government function effectively for all Americans, and ensure our children are better off than the generations before them.

“I am a mother, I am a business owner, but above all, I am an American and I can’t stand down when I have the will to win and there is a clear path to victory,” said Shearer.

When elected, Shearer will stop at nothing to end the country’s healthcare crisis, to lower prescription drug costs, to create new digital and tech jobs in the region, to protect small businesses and to ensure equal pay and opportunity for all individuals. During his first term in 2019, Rep. Balderson voted against all of these issues. From his opposition to HB 3, which would have lowered prescription drug costs, to his vote against the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Equality Act, which protect the interests of women, working families and minorities.

“Balderson has a voting record now. We’re going to show his constituents that he’s not the moderate he claims to be- he’s a far-right yes man whose interests do not align with those of the people who voted for him.”

Shearer also takes issue with Balderson’s lack of community interaction. To date, Balderson has not held a public town hall meeting since taking office, despite regular requests from community groups. If elected, Shearer promises to hold in-person Town Hall meetings at least once per quarter and virtual town halls monthly.

“This district deserves a true representative and someone who is truly listening. It’s the least we can expect while faced with so many pressing issues affecting our families, our lives and our nation,” Shearer said. 

Shearer, a mother and step-mother to four children, was born in Delaware, Ohio. Her father and family physician, Dr. Raymond Shearer, passed away after a battle with cancer in 1999. Her mother owned a retail shop in Delaware in the 1980’s called Essentials.

Many know Shearer from her time as a radio personality on the Morning Zoo with Dave and Jimmy and as a news anchor and reporter on 610 WTVN, where she won two Associated Press awards. Leading up to the Great Recession, Shearer shifted her career and became a self-taught digital strategist. In 2009, with all of the economic odds stacked against her, Shearer chose to start her own digital marketing agency. Seeing a vast gender divide in the digital space, she started a professional and social association for women called Together Digital. Today, the organization celebrates a network of nearly 2,000 members in over twenty cities nationwide.

“My parents raised me with a value system I think most of us in District 12 also hold, and that is to love your neighbor, to never give up and to always fight for what you believe in. It would be my life’s greatest honor to take these values with me to Washington in 2021,” said Shearer.