My decision to the question you’ve all been asking.

The question. “Will you run again?”

After our defeat in November, I took time to myself and my family to regroup. Like so many of you – I truly thought we could win. Which made it that much harder when we didn’t.

In the midst of it all – you were there – through beautiful text messages, encouraging phone calls, lovely emails and hand written notes you thanked me for running and then posed this question – “Will you run again, please?”

I have never lost something before and then felt simultaneously so victorious. 

Your messages described the hope our campaign had instilled in your hearts and minds. 

Julie in Delaware wrote, “we had given up on the idea of a Democrat winning this gerrymandered seat. You gave us real hope. You represented us.”

In the meantime, life here at home filled up with joy again in surprising ways. Running and losing, as it turns out, has taught me more than I ever imagined. Today, I feel liberated and freed by our loss. Don’t get me wrong, I wish we would have won. But you get my drift. 

The answer… Yes. Until we can’t run anymore, yes, let’s keep the hope alive. 

This September Ohio’s 12th District will be completely redrawn. There’s no telling how the lines will fall.

There’s a chance OH-12 will be redder than it is now.

There’s a chance OH-12 will be more competitive than it is now. 

There’s also a chance OH-12 will be deep blue territory with a competitive primary. 

Because this race is ours, not mine … and because it makes absolutely zero sense to throw it all away before the lines are redrawn – here’s what I (and I think) most of you vote we do:

Let’s keep this campaign alive and well until this Fall and regroup after the lines shake out.

I also think, given the redistricting, we should redefine what winning looks like.

For us, campaign success between now and the Fall could be:

  • Keeping the pressure on Congressman Troy Balderson. His votes are as far right as ever and thanks to a rigged system he’s ignoring nearly half of us because he knows he can’t lose. And even though there is a high likelihood he’ll be gerrymandered into a far right red district in 2022, he’s still our Congressman and should be held accountable for his actions.
  • Educating and empowering all of you and many many more with the knowledge we need between now and September to become truly engaged in Ohio’s fight for fair Congressional Districts.
  • Throwing everything we’ve got toward down ballot races. We have some exciting City Council contests in our district this year and I would like to shine a huge light on these races and some incredible candidates in our midst.
  • And, last but not least, dedicating the campaign toward reaching for change on the issues facing Ohioans: COVID-19, economic recovery, job creation, tech and digital solutions and equity for women, people of color and the LGBT community. 

I also think we can use our campaign to inspire and encourage other party outsiders like myself to run.

Can you make this a reality?

Time for all of us to make this a reality. Together. Will you jump with me into the unknown and keep the campaign alive? Could you donate now so I can keep a campaign manager and digital media manager in place? 

If you think it’s a good idea to keep the campaign up and running until Fall – donate whatever you can. Every dollar will go directly toward keeping our hope alive and being loud and proud until the districts are redrawn. 

Cheers to a brighter tomorrow. It’s there if we believe it will be.