Nothing surprises us any more, does it?

The atrocities against the American people by the Trump Administration and his sycophants, like Congressman Troy Balderson, are becoming daily occurrences. Instead of leading and inspiring the American people, they are betraying our trust and abusing their power when we are at our most vulnerable. 

Yesterday, Troy Balderson voted against the Justice in Policing Act, which would ban chokeholds, establish a national database to track all police misconduct, and would also make it easier to hold officers accountable for misconduct in civil and criminal court. 

Not surprising, I know. But astonishing nonetheless. Black lives matter and our policing system must be reformed but that would require work and change, something Troy Balderson simply can not do. 

And then late last night the Trump Administration requested the Supreme Court make a decision to repeal the Affordable Care Act, something Balderson completely supports. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of their request an estimated 23 million Americans will immediately lose their health coverage, and 863,000 of them will be Ohioans. 

863,000 of us could wake up soon without health insurance.

This during a time when millions of us are losing our jobs and our health coverage. A study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid says 487,000 people have applied for coverage this year, a 46% spike from last year. 

This is what we’re up against, friends.

My friends, who identify as Republicans, are insulted that Donald Trump calls himself a Republican and, of course, they all wish he would “just stop tweeting.” 

But he hasn’t and he won’t.

As a mother, his behavior is totally recognizable and familiar. Trump behaves like a toddler. When he doesn’t get his way, he throws a fit. And when I watch something like the low turnout in Tulsa, it’s hard to feel any joy in that moment because then the fear takes hold of “now, what is he going to do?”

Last night we found out. 

Troy Balderson continues to go along with the program, encouraging this behavior and following orders to vote in favor of every radical and extreme idea Trump throws out there. Remember, Balderson votes with Trump 95% of the time, which makes him further right than Jim Jordan who votes with Trump 88% of the time. Now that’s saying something! What an accomplishment, Troy. 

My beloved high school government teacher, Pete Lalich, taught us so much about democracy. But the one thing I’ll never forget and can hear him saying now is, “if you want to know why, follow the money.” 

And when you follow Troy Balderson’s money you see a very clear story. He sits very comfortably on a stack of cash from the banking industry, oil, gas, big pharma, insurance companies and even opioid manufacturers. Pick your poison, Troy’s pocketing their cash and voting against our best interests every single day. 

I wanted to write about something more uplifting today.

But these guys, man, they just keep crossing that line. Again and again and again.

And that is exactly why we are going to remember in November. 

With your help, this campaign in OH-12 is not only going to put Troy Balderson out of a job, but it will also stop Trump from winning Ohio. Our efforts on the ground here will lead to more votes for Biden and directly impact who ends up in the White House in 2020. Just ask Mike Tomasky at the Daily Beast.

This race is bigger than all of us. This moment is bigger than anything we ever imagined.

Stand up with me so we can move forward, faster and win in November. 

Please donate what you can again and again. I know it’s a Hell of a lot to ask right now, but without our small dollar donations from incredible Americans like you, we can’t stop Balderson and we can’t stop Trump from winning Ohio.

Can you give today and send us some love and hope? 

Also, I hope you have a magnificent weekend. I will be out and about as the US BUS makes her official debut at the Zanesville, Ohio Juneteenth Celebration.

Ready to flip this district?

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